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With its disruptive technologies, able to meet all needs, regardless of business sectors and business size

Our software solutions for businesses

Practical, agile, scalable, and adaptable software solutions for any business.

Moneyroad E-Invoice

Moneyroad e-Invoice

Complete and immediate digitisation of all paper and PDF invoices.

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Moneyroad SRTP

Moneyroad SRTP

Moneyroad SEPA Request-To-Pay (SRTP) is a new concept of sending invoices with payment requests.

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Lucy Diamond software service


The official recognized reference software service enabling direct matching of any IBAN with banking coordinates of individuals or corporates, service completely customizable.

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Lucy Phone controls and collects information through the telephone


Controls and collects information through the telephone.

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Safe firewall robust against all kind of CyberAttack


Firewall robust against all kind of CyberAttack.

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Instant Payments Gateway

Instant Payments Gateway

Allow anybody to send and receive global payments in real-time.

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Our areas of expertise

The design of applications without technical constraints, digital payment, the fight against bank fraud and digital transformation for companies.


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Innovation in the digital transformation of companies

Deeptech are companies that require a long R&D cycle to develop substantially innovative techniques. A Deeptech is a hi-tech company with unique technology that is difficult to reproduce thanks to the know-how protected by intellectual property.

StreamMind is a software Deeptech that disrupts existing codes, with the aim of simplifying actions related to digital transformation, combining extreme agility with industrial robustness.