Automated client mobility


AIGUE-MARINE is a SEPAmail™ service that responds to the need expressed by the French government (Macron law) to digitize and automate the process of banking mobility, or the process of changing banks.

Change providers in one click


Transfer all information

All personal data of the client is transferred: first name, last name, date, city and country of birth, address, identification documents, etc.

Transfer account balances

AIGUE MARINE facilitates the transfer of the account funds of one or multiple accounts to the corresponding account(s) in the client’s new bank.

Notification of regular creditors and debtors

The service AIGUE MARINE takes charge of notifying all regular creditors and debtors of the change and sending the new client account information to them.

SEPAMAIL TM AIGUE MARINE - Le service d'aide à la mobilité bancaire
SEPAMAIL TM AIGUE MARINE - Le service d'aide à la mobilité bancaire

AIGUE MARINE’s customizable application dashboard offers multiple options for monitoring and piloting mobility requests.



AIGUE MARINE adapts seamlessly to any changes in regulatory compliance.

The service may be customized to any specific enterprise needs without development.



AIGUE MARINE is suitable for industrial use with large volumes and access numbers.


StreamMind’s AIGUE-MARINE service is natively compatible with any system and application.

AIGUE MARINE ensures the compatibility between bank and issuer formats.



AIGUE MARINE installs and integrates without impact on existing systems. AIGUE MARINE can be installed on-premises or in the cloud.

Our expertise


In 2016, StreamMind’s application service for SEPAmail™ AIGUE MARINE was selected by the Bank of France to implement the banking mobility mandate from the French Ministry of Finance.

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AIGUE MARINE is one of many innovative services offered by the banks via SEPAmail.

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SEPAMAIL TM AIGUE MARINE - Le service d'aide à la mobilité bancaire