Here comes innovation.


We know how important your legacy is to you. We also know that your business needs evolve much more quickly than your technology will sometimes allow.

Our business solutions were conceived to help you scale your existing processes, tools, and services – without costs and development, and without having to change what already works.

Our  Business Products


Our business tools can be customized to the exact needs of any enterprise or user without specific development. Contact our teams to learn more.



A payment service that automates all billing, payments, and negotiation.

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Verify and control the account information provided by your suppliers and clients.

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The single platform for all your corporate communications.

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DIGITAL ONBOARDING - Service d'authentification biométrique personnalisable

Digital Onboarding

Create customized KYC and authentication services using biometric technologies.

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SAFE - Pare-feu applicatif de nouvelle génération


A next-generation, highly customizable application firewall for businesses and homes.

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(R)evolutionize your technology


Universally compatible thanks to their multi-tiers technical architecture, our tools install seamlessly into any environment and adapt to you – not the other way around.

Our innovative technology injects additional functionalities into your existing tools, boosting their capabilities without any impact to services, and with minimal efforts.

Let us help you take your existing technologies to the next level.


Our Offer




Our enterprise solutions are compatible with any existing enterprise tool (ERP, CRM…), operating system (iOS, Windows, Linux…), database (IBM, Oracle…), data format, and exchange protocol.

They integrate seamlessly into any environment, without impact.



Our business services are built on a multi-tiers architecture that separates an application’s functional build from it’s technical.

This supports ongoing innovation to specific functionalities without risk of breaking code, without reinstallation, and without reintegration.



Each of our applications is protected by a unique multi-level security system that combines bank-level encryption and coding.

Our trusted security system is trusted by hundreds of banks today.

Pricing and subscriptions


At StreamMind, we believe that high-technology should be available to everybody, regardless of business size, sector, or revenue. Each of our products is priced on usage, per transaction. That means no license fees or monthly subscriptions, no user fees, and no maintenance costs.

Pay when you use it, for however much you use it.