What is CorpMessenger?

CorpMessenger is an enterprise solution that allows any business to automate, manage, and monitor processes and communications both within their enterprise, and between themselves and their vendors.

Who is CorpMessenger for?

CorpMessenger’s services offer solutions for every business division.

Finance and Accounting

CorpMessenger offers end-to-end digitization of the invoicing and payment process, reducing costs and time associated with invoicing.


CorpMessenger’s tracking features allow you to keep an eye on document history, and make sure it’s being received by the right parties.

Marketing and Sales

Centralizing your content, assets, and commercial documents will ease your operations and help with version control.

Human Resources

CorpMessenger allows you to digitize your business processes and information exchanges, including contract management and payroll.

Where can I access it?

CorpMessenger is an omni-channel application that may be accessed by any number of users at any time.

You can access CorpMessenger via web interface or desktop, and it is also available as a tablet or mobile download (iOS, Android, and Windows compatible).

Once installed, CorpMessenger services may also be accessed from your existing applications.

Why CorpMessenger?

CorpMessenger can connect to and exploit existing applications (email, ERPs, accounting software), and integrate specific services upon demand.

CorpMessenger will increase enterprise efficiency. Its single interface allows companies to manage their business exchanges as well as their subscriptions to different services.

checkicon Automation of redundant tasks for any department

checkicon Digitization and end-to-end tracking of documents and processes

checkicon Easy follow up to communications exchanged

checkicon Reduction of invoicing collection costs and delays

checkicon Improved cash forecasting

No license fees. No update costs.

CorpMessenger is priced purely on use.

For inter-enterprise exchanges, CorpMessenger is charged to the sender – the recipient will not pay to use CorpMessenger’s capabilities.