Keep it confidential.

NexLook™ is an innovative solution that allows users to exchange documents in a simple, intuitive, and completely secure way. The software places security above all – unlike a standard electronic exchange system, NexLook™ guarantees that any document sent through the network may only be received and consulted by the person to whom it is intended, thanks to a unique system of encryption keys and access codes.

Key Benefits


Detailed exchange history allows users to track the send and receipt of a document


Supports both computer and mobile exchanges


Complex system of algorithms and encryption keys guarantee the security of all exchanges


Unlike other messaging software, NexLook™ has no restrictions on file send size

Compatible with your system, and with your users.

Based off the TIME™ platform, NexLook™ ensures complete compatibility with all systems and applications already in place.

Installing and using NexLook™ is completely intuitive and requires no knowledge of information security systems.

Users enter their basic information and generate a password. The server sends a verification request to the user’s email to validate their registration.
Once the email address has been verified, a unique encryption key and certificate are generated. The key is stored in a secure container, protected by the password chosen at registration.
A user may send an email to anybody already in his or her NexLook™ address book. If a recipient is not yet registered, he or she may be invited to create a NexLook™ account. A unique code will be generated in order to unlock and access the sender’s files.

NexLook™ will be available soon.