A revolutionary and evolutionary application firewall.

SAFE™ (Secure Application Firewall Extension) is a powerful and fully featured application firewall designed to secure any information system, including multi-protocol. Featuring a multi-level architecture, SAFE™ integrates seamlessly to any network architecture already in place, ensuring efficient application-level protection against external threats. While designed to treat industrial-level volumes, SAFE™’s modularity and ease-of-use makes it the ideal firewall for organizations of any size, including SMEs and professionals.

Key Benefits


Active mode keeps you protected 24/7 without any drop in performance

Full-speed processing

Parallelized handling of requests let you use your network to its best capacity

Multi-level filtering

Filters incoming and outgoing flows, guaranteeing the security of all applications


Allows for rollback in the event of a computer crash

Configurable to your desired security levels.

SAFE™’s multi-tier architecture allows it to install quickly to any information system, without the slightest impact on system performance. Its complete and intuitive interface allows users to configure the predefined settings, as well as add or change additional features, to their exact specifications. SAFE™ is also able to adapt naturally to any changes in the information system without the need for software reinstallation.


Example of installation

Industrial-level processing for any-sized needs.

With SAFE™, you benefit from a unique application firewall that separates your security from your business-oriented processes. This architecture ensures optimal processing of high volume transactions without any interruption to your system. Plus, unlike most other firewalls that protect UDP/TCP flows, SAFE™ has the added advantage of providing protection at the application level, verifying both incoming and outgoing flows.

Additional security enhancements.

For an additional layer protection, SAFE™ can also be delivered with reverse proxy and web application firewall extensions that enhance your security against injection attacks (XSS, SQL, OS Command), denial of service (DoS), and server errors.