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SEPAmail RUBIS is a simple, fast, and secure payment service that allows anyone to receive payment requests sent by suppliers (rent, electricity, gas, telephone, etc.), with or without invoice, to validate them, and to pay them directly by wire transfer through your online banking space.

Simplify online invoicing and payments


RUBIS digitizes and automates billing and payments from end-to-end, simplifying and securing the process for all parties.



Send requests for payment individually or in batch via the RUBIS interface.

Upon reception of a request, clients are notified by their banks via email or SMS.



Attach any documentation to your request, such as invoices or contracts. RUBIS can interface with any ERP or invoicing tool used by an enterprise without any impact on services.



Clients can choose to accept or reject requests, or differ their response to a later date.

Accepting a request will activate a wire transfer.

Download and save invoices


Any document sent via SEPAmail RUBIS is automatically saved to a client’s online banking space.

Clients can consult the documentation at any time, or choose to download and save them to their devices.

Documents may be downloaded in .xls, or .pdf format.

SEPAMAIL RUBIS - Règlement Universel Bancaire Immédiat - facturation et paiement en un clic

Reduce administrative costs


RUBIS offers a simple and automated means of streamlining the billing and payment process for all parties.

In digitizing all operations, RUBIS allows enterprises to save costs associated with printing and posting invoices as well as manual follow up.

With RUBIS, enterprises have an agile and secure means of automating their operations from end-to-end.

Optimize your cash flow


RUBIS services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any online banking space (online or via mobile application).

Easily accessible and highly intuitive, RUBIS ensures immediate treatment of all payments, with full bank authorization.

Thanks to RUBIS, all users can benefit from improved visibility over cash flow and treasury.

SEPAMAIL RUBIS - Règlement Universel Bancaire Immédiat - facturation et paiement en un clic

Seamless, automated banking services




SEPAmail RUBIS can be installed on-premises or in any cloud used by the service provider (public or private) without any impact on existing services.



StreamMind’s application for SEPAmail RUBIS ensures the compatibility of the formats used by each party (bank, enterprise, or individual).



All communications and exchanges that take place through StreamMind’s SEPAmail RUBIS application are protected by bank-level encryption and coding.

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RUBIS is one of many innovative services offered by the banks via SEPAmail.

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SEPAMAIL RUBIS - Règlement Universel Bancaire Immédiat - facturation et paiement en un clic