Let IT be for everyone.

TIME is a unifying digital software system that gives you the flexibility to build, deploy, operate, and support infinite business applications, anywhere.

Featured Solutions.


The single software solution that unifies and digitizes your inter and intra-business processes from end to end.

Suite for SEPAmail

Our suite of banking applications that facilitate banking inter-operability and secure document exchange over the internet.

Instant Payments Gateway

The payment solution that facilitates the request, send, validation, and receipt of payments in real-time.

Our Offer.


Our software is built on an agile infrastructure that evolves with changes to security, rules, protocols, infrastructure, and format so you can respond quickly to demand without worrying about manual updates.


Our systems are designed to support industrial-level data processing at extremely high performance levels. We are equipped to handle more than 10 million transactions per hour on small configurations.


Each of our solutions features a unique end-to-end security system backed by bank-level encryption and authentication. Users have complete and end-to-end control of all transaction data and security modes.


TIME respects the legacy system you have in place – it does not change or impact your existing structure. With TIME inside, all technical processes become transparent for the end user, leaving you to focus solely on your business challenge.

Think of an application;
You’ve already got it.

We’ve spent the past 10 years breaking down the IT constraints in the way of business innovation.

Welcome to a new era for your applications.

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StreamMind promet plus d’agilité aux banques
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Forbes Leader’s Talk Interviews StreamMind President, Nicolas MuhadriInterview of StreamMind president, Nicolas Muhadri, on Forbes Leader's Talk
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