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Fight against fraud by certified and automatic verification of bank details

An agile and secure technology offering many features around payment fraud

LucyDiamond is a flexible, modular software technology

Flexible, modular software technology, deployable via customizable services

LucyDiamond is an open technology interoperable with all information systems

Open technology compatible with all information systems without disrupting existing systems

LucyDiamond can be set up extremely quickly

Extremely short lead times

Customizable features can be added to LucyDiamond

Addition of new functionalities through parameterization throughout service operation

Preventing bank transfer fraud

Thwarting bank transfer fraud

The LUCY DIAMOND application protects against the threat of payment fraud and identity theft (president fraud, fake suppliers, fake customers…).

Eliminates errors in account, customer, and supplier details, while securing payment data.

Interactive and compliant transmission of verification requests and certified results

LUCY DIAMOND checks simultaneously:

  • Completeness and existence of an IBAN (if an account is active or closed)
  • Its status (active, closed for less than 14 months, non-existent)
  • Its correspondence with the holder (natural or legal person)
  • Instant result for each verified data (true, false, or scoring depending on the data type)

Verified data:

  • IBAN
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Other name
  • Date of birth
  • VAT number

Easy administration and activity monitoring

Easy administration and activity monitoring
  • Usage statistics for real-time monitoring
  • Administration interface
  • User profiles available to suit all needs
  • Validation workflow for verification requests
  • Automatic and configurable data extractions
  • Integration of specific rules on demand

Modular and flexible

Integration of 3 different formats

  • Web format
  • API format
  • Mobile format
LucyDiamond is modular and flexible

Quick and easy deployment

Plug and Play mode

Simple and quick onboarding of the customer on the service


The Portal and API are designed to absorb business rules, formats and communication protocols in a way that is transparent to users, for complete interoperability


Functional and technical support provided by Streammind for all types of users

The service expands internationally

LucyDiamond service expands internationally

LUCY DIAMOND already verifies accounts in France, Monaco and the Netherlands.

  • When a new country is available, the user automatically takes advantage of the service and can send verification requests from LUCY DIAMOND
  • The service ensures, in a transparent way for the end user, the interoperability of verifications between connected countries

Learn more about LUCY DIAMOND

LUCY DIAMOND is one of the innovative services offered by the banks via SEPAmail.

Our LUCY service provides complementary services to LUCY DIAMOND, offering businesses a fast and secure way to access their bank’s verification services.