Secure Application Firewall Extension


SAFE is a next-generation firewall that offers advanced protection against ransomware, cyber attacks, viruses, and any other threats to your system and your devices.

Offering powerful multi-layer protection of any device, information system, or network SAFE is designed to secure any type of system and application, including multi-protocol.

Trusted by leading financial organizations


SAFE is trusted by some of the world’s leading financial organizations.


An advanced firewall for total data protection

SAFE is a modular and highly adaptable firewall that offers advanced protection for any system, regardless of complexity or data volumes.

Available on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid mode, SAFE offers protection of multiple terminals, devices, and servers from once central administrative interface.

The SAFE firewall can be easily customized to fit the needs of an entire enterprise system, or for individual users.


Multi-channel and multi-protocol

SAFE offers multi-channel and multi-protocol protection, with multi-level filtering of both incoming and outgoing flows. Filtering levels are easily configurable and may be customized without restriction.

Web Email MQ Series Other
 FTP(S)  POP3(S)
 Web Exchange

High performance and resilient

SAFE makes it possible to divide the security processes from business-oriented processes. This parallel treatment ensures optimal levels of processing and 24/7 network availability.

In the case of server crash, SAFE’s automatic rollback capabilities restart filtering from the last processed flows.


Your custom security solution

SAFE is built on a multi-tiers architecture that offers high adaptability to any system architecture without any impact on performance.

This modularity offers you increased control of your system and permits you to boost protection in the areas that matter most.

Advanced data and network protection

SAFE can be delivered with an extension allowing the addition of an additional level of security. This extension protects applications against:

  • Injection attacks (XSS, SQL, OS Command),
  • Denial of Service (DoS) attacks,
  • Incorrect HTTP requests,
  • Information loss (server errors, etc.)


SAFE integrates standard encryption and signature methods, ensuring total protection of your system and data.

SAFE’s security features are fully customizable on a business and user-level.



SAFE offers multiple configuration options, including several pre-configurations.

Modifications to security features can be made at business and user-specific levels in just a few hours.



SAFE is capable of processing industrial data volumes, with multiple access.

SAFE is adaptable to all types of structures, with no minimum volume.


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SAFE is built on a highly compatible and adaptable technology that offers native compatibility with any existing environment.

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