Agile, secure technology for real-time payments


Instant Payments Gateway is a payments technology that enables anyone to send and receive payments in real time.

Developed in alignment with the SEPA Instant Credit Transfer scheme, Instant Payments Gateway is an agile and scalable service that allows banks to offer instant cross-border payments to their clients, without the constraints of cost, compliance, or integration.

The instant payments landscape



10 sec.

number of seconds needed to process payments


availability of Instant Payments Gateway services

15 000€

maximum amount that can be sent in one transaction


countries currently implementing Instant Payments technology
Instant Payment Gateway - Paiements instantanés pour un monde instantané

Cross border payments

Multi-bank and multi-clearing house, Instant Payments Gateway is an adaptable solution that guarantees the compatibility between the specific formats used by the banks and clearing houses.

Fraud detection and screening

Instant Payments Gateway automates the process of fraud detection and CTF screening.

Recall and reimbursement

Instant Payments Gateway also supports the recall and reimbursement processes within the 10-second timeline.

Monitoring and analytics

The application dashboard offers full monitoring and tracking of all requests sent and received using Instant Payments technology.

Batch or unitary payments

Users can process payments in batch or individually. All transactions may be automated.

Responsive compliance

Instant Payments Gateway offers responsive compliance to all local standards and regulatory changes.

No integration

Natively compatible with all databases, formats, exchange protocols, legacy systems and business tools, Instant Payments Gateway offers a seamless integration process into any environment.


A fast, simple, and seamless integration process 

Offering native compatibility with all databases, formats, exchange protocols, legacy systems and professional software, Instant Payments Gateway installs and integrates into any environment without any impact.

Instant Payments Gateway guarantees the compatibility between formats used by banks and by clearing houses.

Payments technology that evolves with you


With Instant Payments Gateway, banks, merchants and payment initiation service providers (PISP) dispose of an agile and secure technology capable of simplifying and accelerating payments across all channels.



Instant Payments Gateway is independent from hardware, software, and environment. Evolutions and modifications to services do not require reinstallation or reintegration.


Instant Payments Gateway is capable of processing more than 3 billion transactions with 100kb attachments per day.


Instant Payments Gateway may be configured to the specific needs and environment of any service provider without development.

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Instant Payments Gateway is built on a highly compatible and adaptable technology that offers native compatibility with any existing environment.

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Instant Payment Gateway - Paiements instantanés pour un monde instantané - Un processus automatisé de bout-en-bout