Controls and collects information through the phone

LucyPhone is a software service that allows you to check the number holder information from his or her telephone number, thanks to the mobile phone operators’ network.

This service contributes in particular to the fight against fraud and identity theft.

Numerous type of verification based on the phone number in real time :

Verifiy Operators

Validity of the line

Operator’s name


Used by the operator

Subscription country

Duration of the line

Verifiy Identity

Last name

First name

Date of birth

Mailing address

Email address

Verifiy Phone Changes

Recent SIM card

Phone number

IMEI changes

Verifiy Subscriptions

Score of the phone line

Subscription (flat rate or prepaid rate)

Amount of the bills

Total duration of the subscription

Modular and flexible

3 formats of use can be combined

  • Web format
  • API format
  • Mobile format
LucyDiamond is modular and flexible

Quick and easy deployment

Plug and Play mode

Simple and quick onboarding of the customer on the service


The Portal and API are designed to absorb business rules, formats and communication protocols in a way that is transparent to users, for complete interoperability


Functional and technical support provided by Streammind for all types of users