Protect yourself from online fraud




frauds per 1000 cards in France

1,8b €

lost to credit card fraud in 2016


frauds are attributed to long-distance payments


average annual increase of online fraud in Europe
Lucy interface de recherche (SEPAMAIL DIAMOND)

What is LUCY?


LUCY is a simple, highly secure and adaptable interface that authenticates banking details for companies and individuals.

The first KYC application that instantly cross-checks banking and personal details, LUCY is natively compatible with the application SEPAmail DIAMOND.


What does LUCY do?


Using the LUCY interface, users can send a verification request (manually or in batch) with all account and personal details attached:

Last name IBAN
First name RIB
Date of birth SIREN
City of birth SIRET
Address VAT number
LUCY interface (sepamail diamond)

Other verifications may be added upon request.


How do I use LUCY?


LUCY offers the possibility to change format and mode of use without additional cost of integration and parameterization.


LUCY can be used as an:

  • Application (available on tablet and mobile)

  • A generic web interface, customizable upon request

  • As an API: with easily configurable interfaces with the client information system (server or website)


How does LUCY work?


LUCY can connect to any software tool used by an enterprise, including ERPs, messaging systems, databases, etc.

Accessible via web interface, mobile phone, or tablet, or easily interfaced via API, the installation and use of LUCY has no impact on existing systems.

LUCY interface security - SEPAMAIL DIAMOND
LUCY interface fraude

Configure notifications at any time


Program alerts and stay up to date with any changes to your requests.

  • Status : Request sent, request received, request rerouted, request verified, request in progress, request rejected, etc.

  • Errors : Erroneous account(s), database error, request not sent, etc.

  • Validation : Approved, in progress, rejected




Maintain database reliability

Keep your databases up-to-date by programming LUCY to automatically add any new clients, fix erroneous account information, or delete false data.


Fight against fraud

LUCY flags erroneous accounts, protecting you against false imputations, human error, and fraudulent transactions linked to false account information.


Reduce administrative costs

Automate your validation and payments processes and cut down on the administrative fees associated with manual work.

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LUCY is built on a highly compatible and adaptable technology that offers native compatibility with any existing environment.

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LUCY is totally compatible with the service SEPAmail DIAMOND offered by the French banks. LUCY’s services can be easily customized to any business need without specific development.

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