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A high-performance ERP for all enterprises and banks.

CORPMessenger offers enterprises of all sizes a flexible and secure solution enabling them to streamline their business processes onto a single platform.

Easily customizable, CORPMessenger adapts to the specific needs of any enterprise and can support all business lines: invoicing and payments, production, contracts, human resources, marketing and sales, etc.

Interface and integrate

CORPMessenger is a highly compatible system, capable of connecting to and interfacing with any of your enterprise tools, including databases, folders, messaging systems and ERPs.

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Automate invoicing and payments

From a single interface, users can send and receive payment requests, attach and view any supporting documentation (contracts, invoices, etc.) and then choose whether or not to proceed to payment.

Next-generation secure messaging

CORPMessenger’s secure messaging system offers full monitoring of all exchanges (including transfers), unlimited file send size, and the ability to program access times to emails and documents.

An ERP that adapts to you

CORPMessenger compatible operating system


CORPMessenger™ is compatible with any operating system, database, format, exchange protocol, and ERP.

It can interface with all existing software tools without impact.

CORPMessenger security


CORPMessenger™ is protected by a multi-level security system and bank-level encryption and coding mechanisms.

All exchanges are only available to other authenticated CORPMessenger™ users.

CORPMessenger is priced on usage


Forget license costs, monthly maintenance, or per-user fees.

CORPMessenger™ is priced on usage, per transaction.

Learn more about CORPMessenger

Learn more about CORPMessenger

CORPMessenger is built on highly compatible and adaptable technology that offers native compatibility with any existing environment.

Learn more about the TIME system

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