A certified and referenced technology




StreamMind was the first company to receive accrediation for SEPAmail DIAMOND.


DIAMOND is already deployed among the majority of French banks.


StreamMind is the original editor of the inter-banking technology for the SEPAmail network.
SEPAMAIL - DIAMOND - Solution de vérification des coordonnées bancaires


What is DIAMOND ?


The Application SEPAmail DIAMOND is an inter-bank application able to detect errors in bank account information, to fight fraud, to protect against identity theft, and to maintain the reliability of the data managed by all payment processors.

Secure, and highly adaptable, DIAMOND offers no-impact installation and integration into any banking environment, as well as full compatibility with all existing systems.


What does DIAMOND do ?


Once connected to DIAMOND, banks are equipped with an agile and automated technology that enables fast and secure verification of bank account and personal information. For example :


First name IBAN
Last name SIREN
Date of birth SIRET
City of birth VAT number
SEPAMAIL - DIAMOND - Solution de vérification des coordonnées bancaires - que fait DIAMOND

The ability to verify credit card numbers and account existence will be added in the next inter-banking version.


How does DIAMOND work ?



Using the DIAMOND interface, the user sends the bank account details of the account(s) to their PSP (manually or in batch).


The verification request is automatically routed to the bank or PSP of the account holder in question.


Information is cross-checked within the bank’s database and a “score” is calculated based on the level of correspondance.


Scores are sent back to the client through the client-facing DIAMOND interface.



Results and notifications


DIAMOND returns any number of results and scoring from the verification. For example:

  • First and last name are correct (scoring)
  • Date of birth is correct (true or false)
  • Account is valid or invalid (true or false)
  • Account is open, closed, or inexistant (true or false)

Notifications can be scheduled at any point of the verification process to keep users up-to-date on their requests.


How do I use DIAMOND ?


DIAMOND offers two modes of installation. It can be installed “on-premises”, delivered onto the client server with any specific component developments, or onto any cloud, in SaaS mode.

DIAMOND can be used as a(n):

  • Generic web interface, customizable according to request
  • API : interfacing via parameterization
SEPAMAIL - DIAMOND - Solution de vérification des coordonnées bancaires - comment-utilise-diamond

It is possible to change format and mode of use without the additional cost of integration and configuration.




A seamless integration process

Highly compatible, DIAMOND installs and integrates into any system without impact.


An agile and secure service

All transactions and flows processed by DIAMOND are protected by bank-level encryption and coding.


No license fees

The use of DIAMOND does not require license or integration fees. The service is priced purely on usage.

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DIAMOND is one of the innovative services offered by the banks via SEPAmail.

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Our LUCY applications provides complementary services to SEPAmail DIAMOND, offering businesses a fast and secure way to access their bank’s verification services.

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