Innovative digital authentication


Digital Onboarding is the first software service to combine biometric technologies into a flexible and agile platform that businesses can use to create customized KYC and authentication solutions.

Built-in biometric technologies


Digital Onboarding offers a library of biometric capabilities that users can mix and match to create their own authentication services.


Facial recognition


Audio recognition


Machine reading zone (MRZ)


Optical character recognition (OCR)


Signature capture


Geo-location Geo-recognition



An adaptable, plug-n-play software


Digital Onboarding is natively compatible with any database, format, operating system, business tool and channel.

Once installed, Digital Onboarding can connect to or interface with any existing business tool.

This high adaptability allows users to create applications that work for their exact needs, without having to worry about compatibility or interruption to services.

DIGITAL ONBOARDING - Service d'authentification biométrique personnalisable
DIGITAL ONBOARDING - Service d'authentification biométrique personnalisable

Create your authentication service

The Digital Onboarding visual interface allows you to visualize your connected systems and start to map your user flows.

Simply drag-and-drop the various modules to define input and output channels, define business rules, create processes, and add or modify features – no code necessary.

Deploy anywhere

Once your service is ready, you can deploy it anywhere: on-premises, on one or more public clouds, or on one or more private clouds.

Digital Onboarding services can run as a standalone service or may be injected into existing tools and applications as an added feature.

All services are adaptable to any operating system and any device (PC, mobile, tablet).

DIGITAL ONBOARDING - Service d'authentification biométrique personnalisable

Our turnkey onboarding solution transforms the client onboarding process into an online video chat.

How to create your KYC solution


Innovate your client onboarding


Client onboarding can be time-consuming, inefficient and costly to implement, but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you are creating an onboarding platform for e-commerce, hospitality, banking, healthcare, transportation, security, government or any other industry, Digital Onboarding provides a faster, easier, paperless means of creating end-to-end processes that are specifically tailored to your requirements.



Digital Onboarding services are protected by a multi-level security system that is backed by bank-level encryption and coding.


The Digital Onboarding technology ensures total compliance with all local and global regulations.


Organizations can quickly and easily mix-and-match any capabilities, adding, modifying and reordering them at any time.

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DIGITAL ONBOARDING - Service d'authentification biométrique personnalisable

Digital Onboarding is built on a highly compatible and adaptable technology that offers native compatibility with any existing environment.

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