HP’s Industry Power Combines with StreamMind’s Expertise




SEPAmail is a new secure real-time messaging service, developed around the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) initiative and leveraging bank infrastructure. It helps secure the exchange of information and business documents between companies and their customers. Thanks to this initiative, each customer may perform banking operations from their computer, tablet, smartphone, or ATM using a unique identifier. With SEPAmail™, senders and recipients can quickly and easily share supporting documents and information in complete security.




Founded in 2008, STREAMMIND is a software publisher that offers innovative transactional and professional application solutions for businesses and financial institutions. STREAMMIND has been chosen by the major French banks to develop applications compatible with SEPAmail™. Together, STREAMMIND and HP have developed a full range of turnkey solutions that meet the requirements of all potential customers, individuals, businesses, and major financial organizations.




With this offer, large financial groups dispose of an efficient and cost-effective solution that HP is able to implement quickly. The solution is capable of handling large volumes of transactional data, and addressing IT priorities.

HP’s Next Generation Data Center resources will enable STREAMMIND’s applications to leverage an innovative, reliable and flexible technology platform for SaaS delivery. STREAMMIND and HP can quickly serve a diverse customer base.




In its Grenoble laboratory, HP, together with Intel, tested the performance of STREAMMIND’s digital software.

Processing performance: With HP ProLiant Gen8 and Intel® Xeon® E5 advanced processors, STREAMMIND’s applications can handle large volumes of transactions. The results showed a processing power of between 7 000 – 27 000 transactions per minute, for messages of 100 kilobytes in size. The ProLiant Gen8 offers the power, flexibility, ease of maintenance, and reliability needed for financial transactions.
Scalability : The solution can also evolve based on demand for financial services and future SEPAmail™ requirements.

Optimization : HP Intel Solution Center engineers optimized memory utilization and processor-integrated features to further enhance the performance of this technology.

High volumes : A single eight-core Intel® Xeon® E5 processor can handle between 400,000 and 1.6 million transactions per hour, depending on the messaging protocol used.

Volumes élevés : Un seul processeur Intel® Xeon® E5 à huit cœurs peut traiter entre 400.000 et 1,6 million de transactions par heure, selon le protocole de messagerie utilisé.




Flexible platform : In collaboration with HP, STREAMMIND has developed software and hardware solutions for a variety of applications.

Scalability : STREAMMIND and HP offer tools for measuring suitability and integration into an existing information system.

Accompaniment : From consulting to the integration of applicable services, to the implementation of a high-performance infrastructure that is generic as well as a SaaS solution, HP offers support and expertise throughout the entire implementation process.