What is SEPAmail™?


If you’ve ever paid a bill online via electronic transfer, then you’ve probably used SEPAmail™. And if you’ve ever changed banks by simply authorizing your former bank to transfer your accounts, then you’ve probably used SEPAmail™.

SEPAmail™ is an secure messaging system that is based on a unique open architecture.

The network aims to digitize and replace the traditional channels used to perform transactions, including postal services, checks, and money orders.

Connecting hundreds of banks


A totally secure messaging service




SEPAmail™ allows anyone to benefit from simple, digital payment and banking services.


StreamMind’s technology for SEPAmail is compatible with all existing legacy systems, data bases, protocols, and user-specific formats.


SEPAmail™ services are protected by a multi-level security system, backed by a unique system of encryption and coding.


Our agile software allows any bank to customize and evolve their services as needed without impact to systems or user experience.

Software Suite for SEPAmail™


SEPAmail™ offers multiple services that facilitate and simplify all financial exchanges between companies, individuals, and banks.

Discover our services for AIGUE-MARINE, DIAMOND, and RUBIS.

From Europe to the world


Adopted by more than 400 European banks, SEPAmail™ services allow parties to exchange sensitive information and documents in complete security through the internet.

StreamMind’s technology for SEPAmail™ is highly adaptable and may be configured to any local norms and standards, without specific development. In this way, SEPAmail™ services can reach beyond Europe into a truly international sphere.


At the heart of European banking.



StreamMind is at the origins of the SEPAmail™ initiative and is the original software editor of the network’s technology.

Today, the network connects hundreds of banks across Europe and its services are used by millions of people every year.

To learn more about our software services for SEPAmail™ or to find out how you can become an adherent, please contact us.