MoneyRoad, billing, payment, credit, KYB/KYC/KYS/UBO orchestrator

In France, a quarter of bankruptcy filings are the result of late payments and unpaid bills. Faced to this fact, StreamMind, the French deeptech company has developed a cutting-edge, global and efficient solution: MoneyRoad. This solution automates, optimises and secures the entire invoicing and payment process. Here’s the word from StreamMind’s CEO, Nicolas Muhadri.

MoneyRoad is an innovative all-in-one payment application. Tell us about it!

Our founding belief for MoneyRoad is that the more companies professionalise the monitoring of their outstanding customers, the more diligent debtors will be. This is why MoneyRoad aims to make the entire payment chain more fluid and secure, thanks to new, simple, high-performance tools that allow companies to regain control of their receipts and their deadlines.

Its major advantage is that a single technology orchestrates all the services around payment, in particular: secure exchange of documents, real-time invoicing, payment (transfer/pick-up/card), instant payment, flexible credit, identification and secure control of partner companies’ accounts: KYB/KYC/KYS/UBO (backed by official interbank identity verification systems).

What makes MoneyRoad a unique payment ‘control tower’ is that it interfaces with existing systems, without all stakeholders, internal or external, necessarily being equipped. In simple terms, even if the company’s counterparty in a payment process is not equipped with MoneyRoad on its side, it works! If one party has it, all the others can benefit.

MoneyRoad also provides a standardised framework for negotiations. One example among others? As soon as a creditor sends his invoice, he can give the possibility to negotiate the payment terms online. This improves cash flow visibility while preserving the business relationship.

How are accounts receivable and payable identified and monitored?

The strength of MoneyRoad lies in its direct connection with the automated payment and control systems of banks. Indeed, StreamMind is the historical editor of the French interbank network SEPAmailâ„¢.

Why are you talking about ‘globality’?

We have designed MoneyRoad as a ‘payment orchestrator’ to meet the challenge of globality. It’s a system that allows you to do everything from A to Z in a single solution, quickly and securely. This includes being able to upload mandatory documents, initiate payment of transfers, manage quotation acceptances, etc. For businesses, it’s the end of their administrative nightmare. They can use MoneyRoad as a lever, depending on their needs, knowing that each new feature deployed will enrich the work tool and make it increasingly efficient and secure.

Is it an affordable solution for all businesses?

With MoneyRoad, and without any upfront programming, any company, regardless of its size, can have the tools it needs. In practice, it is a multi-dimensional and shareable solution, usable as APIs and/or web interfaces for the end

Published article on 03/30/2021 at 15:46 am on Challenges.