LUCY: Stop bank identity usurpation!

With LUCY DIAMOND, StreamMind gives companies the first effective tool in real time, enabling them to check the bank details of their customers and partners, thus protecting themselves against identity usurpation, fraud and bank account errors.

As Nicolas MUHADRI, founder and CEO of StreamMind explains: “LUCY DIAMOND is a ‘safety belt’ for companies“. That’s what will put a smile back on the faces of managers and financial managers, in a context where bank fraud is affecting economic relations.

LUCY DIAMOND allows a secure, immediate and 100% reliable bank verification. Yes, but how?

LUCY DIAMOND is a powerful, secure and efficient solution that ensures the verification and control of bank details of companies and individuals, all in a matter of seconds.

How is this possible? StreamMind was chosen in 2008 as the publisher of the first interbank messaging system, initiated by major French banks: a system that is both hypersecure and webbased. LUCY DIAMOND, which is linked to this major interbank control service, allows companies to access it too and benefit from its strength. It becomes possible for them to compare the IBAN with personal details (for verifications concerning individuals) or with company administrative data (for companies).

And this is not a service reserved for large structures! LUCY DIAMOND involves no technical constraints, no installation costs and generates a minimal cost of use, which makes the solution accessible even to retailers or VSEs.

LUCY DIAMOND: as easy and as simple as a credit card payment control!

Thanks to its efficiency and ease of use, LUCY DIAMOND is destined to generalised itself and to systematically enter into new uses for companies, large or small, in the same way as, for example, a distance payment verification process!

It is an agile solution that is natively compatible with any software that may already be in place in the company, ERP in particular, without disrupting existing information systems or creating malfunctions.

Even if it is at the cutting edge of technology, LUCY DIAMOND is easy to use. It can be accessed, in a totally confidential and secure manner, via a Web, mobile or tablet interface (which is appreciable in the teleworking era) and, for organisations with more complex systems, via an API.

What’s more, the LUCY DIAMOND solution remains deliberately affordable to all entrepreneurs. It is based on a very advanced principle of systems mutualisation, information and costs. Once under contract with StreamMind, companies pay for this inter-banked service on a pay-per-use basis only, for less than €1 per verification.

LUCY DIAMOND generates very high added value, especially for TSIs! Why is this?

The tools previously available to companies, such as “Info greffe”, only provide access to partial information. Conducting a search to check data relating to a customer or supplier is an arduous, costly and time-consuming task, not always successful. It slows down the process and, in practice, it is impossible for accountants to carry it out systematically.

LUCY DIAMOND makes the difference by providing a global response to secure commercial and financial transactions, which organisations appreciate even more since they have large volumes of exchanges. In a context of digital transformation and increasing risks, this solution controls data and performs immediate 100% digitised verifications. By reporting anomalies relating to bank accounts and the details of customers, suppliers and possibly employees, it also avoids errors and misappropriations, even within the company.

This has an additional benefit for large structures, such as ETIs: Internal teams, especially financial teams, avoid unnecessary stress and are valued. By automating and systematising their verification tasks, they secure all financial and commercial processes. What’s more, they free up time to concentrate on other essential tasks.

Published article on 02/19/2021 at 9:00 am on BFM TV.