The company can now create its custom-made, high-performance and secure software at a lower cost!

TIME was developed by StreamMind, a French deeptech company. TIME is a new general-purpose software that allows companies to quickly, cheaply and securely get the precise application they need, without the usual delays and technical constraints.

StreamMind has developed the first general purpose software, TIME

This high-performance, agile and reliable solution makes it possible to get rid of the inflexible and ‘constrained’ systems of the 1990s, which required ‘heavy’, costly and rigid programming. You no longer walk in the dinosaur’s footsteps, but choose your own path. A new era is beginning!

TIME succeeds in reconciling the three main demands of the current market, too often contradictory in practice. The first of these is robustness and security. The second is agility and customisation. And the third, at a time of hyper-competition and the emergence of startups, is cost reduction.

As Nicolas Muhadri, founder and CEO of StreamMind explains:

“Our founding idea is to create a technology that allows any structure to generate agile and simple processes, adaptable and scalable, without technical constraints, while respecting the existing infrastructure and software.

Beyond technology, mastering the means to grow… Focus on TIME by StreamMind!

Before TIME, companies had (basically) the choice between developing programmes dedicated to their activity, based on source codes, or buying ready-made software bricks.

Let’s make an analogy with cooking! It is as if the only alternative to the elaboration of complicated recipes, with random results, was the purchase of ready-made dishes, with all the inconveniences that this implies. And that’s why the latest generation of food processors work so well… and all over the world!

What differentiates TIME from anything else existing on the market is that it relieves companies of the technical aspect (upstream programming), allowing them to develop their own applications, in a logical and reasoned way, focusing on their business specificities and usage needs.

A lever of digital transformation, TIME aims all companies, from very small businesses to large groups!

The benefit for a Time user, whatever his size, whatever his needs, is to be able to have the precise application he needs at a lower cost and in complete security, without the usual delays or technical constraints.

For large structures… TIME is a system that allows you to ‘break’ the costs and delays of an IT deployment. It is a unique tool that ‘injects’ agility into information systems and enables businesses to respond directly to market developments… while respecting existing systems and contributing to the robustness, security and continuity of services.

What about start-ups? They have the ideas, sometimes even the first customers… but not the appropriate digital tools, even less the IT team that could implement them. With TIME, the solution will adapt to their needs. Entrepreneurs are trained in just a few days: the only prerequisite is that they have a clear mind and know where they want to go and how. They will be able to develop their own application in a totally reliable and secure way, which they will only ‘pay for’ when they use it.

StreamMind, an emerging technology, very close to entering the ‘super big’ league?

What makes GAFA successful (apart from any ethical or strategic considerations) is its robustness, its versatility and its ‘anti-niche’ conception which makes a remarkable communication and/or transaction tool: natively designed on a global scale, agile and modular.

Each user, without being a geek, can use them, customise them, appropriate them, in short, do what they want with them, securely, at any level they wish, both personal and professional. These remarkable technologies remain ‘affordable’ in every sense of the term: intellectual as well as financial.

Today, this very closed circle has expanded, and we speak of GAFAM because Microsoft’s approach has also imposed itself, with the same assets and the same “universality”, in terms of fixed or mobile OS’s.

StreamMind has the same ambition as these great precursors of the social network, the trading platform and the office automation. The company positioned itself at their level from the outset, by inventing the first software technology with a general scope: TIME.

The strength of the TIME concept is both its industrial dimension and its “augmented relationship” with the end user. It aims in principle to transform the life of companies, by adapting to their expectations, providing benefits and removing constraints, while at the same time giving ‘control’ back to the end user.

Published article on 02/25/2021 at 11:48 am on Capital.