What is TIME?

TIME is a single, universally compatible and end-to-end digital system that consists of all the technical code you’ll ever need to create new applications.

Once installed, TIME allows businesses to create infinite new applications directly from the functional layer – no code involved. Its single, drag-and-drop interface makes application building, testing and deployment quick and simple.

Who is TIME for?

TIME was built to give any business, from start ups to large corporations the tools they need to move their business forward, without the constraints of IT or budgets.

What can I do with TIME ?

How can you make the most of your TIME? The choice is up to you. Here are some examples of what our clients have done:

Digitize your information system from end to end and automate repetitive tasks
Build and launch new applications with a rapid time-to-market (a matter of weeks)
Improve and modify existing applications without interruption to workflow
Make data more easily accessible by connecting your software systems via TIME’s built-in APIs

Agile and secure

Bank-level encryption and unique security features ensures end-to-end security for your data and applications.

Where does TIME go?

TIME can be installed above, below, or next to your existing legacy system, and support any or all existing software and applications.

TIME’s built-in APIs connect natively to your software system. This allows you to connect your applications without no effort and no impact on your existing architecture.

TIME can be installed on-premise, in your cloud (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM, Oracle, SAP…), or operate in a hybrid model.

TIME in action.

How does TIME work?

The TIME interface allows users to access data from all of their connected systems directly from a single platform – no more dependence on 3rd party platforms for storage or processing.

Applications may be built or modified via a simple drag-and-drop modular interface. TIME’s end-to-end system also supports testing and deployment of all solutions directly to your chosen distribution channels – without any need to restart your system.

Applications deployed on TIME are automatically compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. Linux also supported.

No license fees. No update costs.

Cost is calculated purely on transaction, for service used.
That means that if launching a biometric application isn’t on the radar for this year, you don’t have to worry. The modules will be there when you need it, and you won’t pay until you do.