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TIME, a digital technology for endless services

Digital technology for your digital transformation

TIME is the first system that allows you to design and deploy any service via a purely functional approach.
No code. No integration. No impact.

Easily create services or applications without code

TIME is the first digital technology to industrialize code production in a fully replicable system.

Once installed, your systems are equipped with all the technical components that are present in every application: a transactional motor, coding and encryption systems, generic APIs, standard communication protocols, a business process manager, and much more.

Install once. Use forever. Imagine the possibilities.

TIME architecture components
TIME architecture components

Enter the digital age without changing what works

In addition to offering native compatibility with all of your existing tools, TIME transforms your existing software technology into agile and scalable services that are compatible with any operating system, database (Oracle, IBM, etc.), data format, exchange protocol, and enterprise tool (ERP, CRM, etc.).

Time agile


TIME separates a software’s functional build from the technical, therefore enabling changes and evolutions to any function without impact on existing components or services.

Time robust


TIME’s industrially robust processing capabilities allow users to treat industrial levels of data flows without any interruption to services.

Time secure


TIME offers your systems and applications a bank-level security system, backed by a unique system of coding and encryption.

Time compatible


Unify your systems, orchestrate your data, automate your business processes, and never worry about your new and old systems being compatible.

Time think functional

Infinite applications with no impact on existing systems

Once TIME is installed, everything « technical » becomes transparent for the user.

TIME’s reusable architecture offers a complete library of business objects and functional bricks that can be used to create, modify, and support infinite applications without the need for code production and without impact on any existing systems or services.

Model your application or service quickly

TIME’s user interface allows users to create any application or service needed in assembly mode.

Simply drag and drop the various functions into place and then add or modify capabilities, create

business rules, define user flows, and designate various input and output channels via simple parameterization.

Time model your service
Perform all functional tests from the TIME interface

Perform all your tests from the interface

Perform all functional tests from the TIME interface without any impact on your legacy.

TIME allows you to keep your iteration cycles short – no need for integration or re-installation.

Easily deploy your applications

TIME applications are delivered as an executable service, immediately available.

Any application that involves the TIME system may be deployed on-premises, on one or more public clouds, on one or more private clouds, or in hybrid mode.

TIME applications can run on PC, mobile or tablet, and on any operating system.

Time deploy anywhere

Innovative digital technology to digitize your business

Our next-generation digital solutions are designed to meet the needs of companies of any size in all sectors of activity. We work directly with our customers to design and launch digital solutions, customized to their specific business case.

All of our software solutions use the TIME system.

A bespoke software solution


A bespoke software solution which empowers car buyers to browse, sort, and filter their options based on deposit, monthly budget, location, and vehicle type.

An online marketplace for professional programs


An online marketplace for professional programs which provides employees with an e-wallet and access to a catalogue of education programs that employees can browse, select, reserve, and then pay for using their e-funds.

Client onboarding


A customizable onboarding and authentication platform that combines various biometric technologies (facial, audio, handwriting, and text recognition) to lead clients through the onboarding and KYC process.

The first payment solution


The first payment solution that allows businesses or individuals to manage the entire payment process from end-to-end, including negotiation.

An online marketplace for professional programs


An interface that offers a simple means of verifying and controlling the account information provided by any client or supplier.

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