StreamMind’s secure and agile software offering promises to enrich and revolutionize the IT industry


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November 2017


StreamMind’s secure and agile software offering promises to enrich and revolutionize the IT industry



As a part of a delegation of the French Tech Tour 2017 organized by Business France India, StreamMind, a leading provider of secure technology solutions for businesses and financial institutions, will be coming to India in November to begin prospecting partnership opportunities with Indian firms, based on its revolutionary TIME platform. The French company was founded in 2008 with a vision to make technology a secure, robust, and accessible tool to help businesses in their digital transformations.


StreamMind specializes in system integration and the processing of electronic data flows. Its TIME platform makes it possible to quickly and agilely design new services, to interconnect heterogeneous systems in a secure way, and to aggregate data from different sources.


“StreamMind was founded with the goal of making technology an easy and accessible tool to any company looking to innovate,” says company president, Mr. Nicolas MUHADRI. “We believe that our comprehensive offer is equipped to support the implementation of key initiatives in India over the next few years and look forward to contributing as best we can to these important projects.”


Having now completed its 9-year research and development phase in partnership with the major French banks, StreamMind is focusing on its worldwide commercial expansion. India will be a key market for StreamMind in 2018, and the company hopes to contribute its digital platform and biometric technology to some of the Modi Government’s digital initiatives, including those related to “Smart Cities”, “Digital India” and the Aadhaar identification cards:


TIME: TIME™ is the world’s first interactive digital platform to combine agility and robustness. Any user-defined application built using TIME technology is conceived directly from the functional layer and deployed directly as a usable application, with no integration constraints in the existing system, therefore significantly reducing time-to-market and all associated costs. TIME responds to many global challenges with enterprise technology, such as the transformation of legacy systems (while respecting the initial investment), application/system incompatibility, cost of implementation and maintenance, long time-to-markets, and lack of communication between software systems and applications.


Customer Onboarding: Customer Onboarding is an innovative system that leverages biometric technologies (facial, audio, text and handwriting recognition, remote identity validation and authentication, and biometric scoring) to provide a fully integrated onboarding process (such as the creation of a bank account). Fully replicable, the platform’s various use cases may be applied in the banking, military, defense, government, healthcare, education, and e-commerce sectors.


CORPMessenger: An enterprise software solution that facilitates digital exchange between companies in total security. The portal has been designed to allow companies to send, acquire, process and acknowledge documents (such as contracts, invoices, commercial offers, and shipping/delivery notices) via a centralized control interface accessible to both parties. The 2017 version incorporates several ready-to-use applications, including end-to-end invoice management (with triggered payments upon acceptance), contract management (with automatic signature and processing), and monitoring. Quick installation with easy integration, CORP Messenger facilitates both inter- and intra-company communication.

As part of the French Tech Tour, StreamMind will be visiting companies and financial institutions in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The tour will take place between the 12 – 17 November.


About StreamMind –


Since its creation, StreamMind has focused its thinking on responding to a clearly expressed need: think SOLUTION, reason SERVICE.


This desire, linked to a culture of innovation, has inspired StreamMind to create universal tools, accessible to organizations of any sizes, and ultra-secure. The objective: to provide organizations with the secure, robust, and agile digital technology they need to meet any business challenge ahead.
Today, StreamMind is a leading provider of state-of-the-art software and transactional solutions for businesses and financial organizations across all sectors.


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